Session GS101 - Brown - Headshot

Laura Brown, Ph.D., ABPP

Guest Speaker

Laura S. Brown, Ph.D., ABPP, is a semi-retired former psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner, psychotherapy consultant, writer, and teacher in Seattle, Washington, where she has specialized in developing liberatory, decolonial, and feminist models of trauma healing.


General Session 101: Liberatory Trauma Responsive Intersectional Self Care for Humans/Therapists

Presented by Laura Brown, Ph.D., ABPP in Intermediate, Introductory at 8:30 AM on Thursday, April 18th.

This keynote address will develop a model of a liberatory, intersectional, trauma-informed practice of care for the therapist’s self. Explore the corporatization of this construct and ways in which therapists can take it back from those who have turned it into a cliche and transform self-care into an integral component of our work as trauma…