Session S1 - Kenney - Headshot

Marlene Kenney, LICSW

Guest Speaker

Marlene Kenney, LICSW, is a critical incident trauma responder and EMDR practitioner. She applies Early Intervention EMDR when working with families and groups of loss survivors in the immediate aftermath of suicide loss. In her EMDR therapy practice she treats suicide loss survivors, traumatic grief, and depression with EMDR. She trains and speaks on community response, suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in the U.S. Her chapter, Integrating Group EMDR Into Current Disaster Mental Health: A model for practice, appears in R. Morrow Robinson and S. Kemal Kaptan (2023) EMDR Group Therapy: Emerging Principles and Protocols to Treat Trauma and Beyond book.


Session S1: Using EMDR in Suicide Postvention

Presented by Marlene Kenney, LICSW in Intermediate, Introductory at 11:00 AM on Saturday, April 20th.

One suicide death exposes many people to a potentially traumatizing experience and increases their risk of dying by suicide and other mental health outcomes. Innovations in EMDR early intervention are research-validated for the reduction of a range of trauma symptoms. This presentation describes the use of early EMDR intervention for suicide loss survivors in groups…