Session S3 - Kase - Headshot

Rebecca Kase, LCSW

Guest Speaker

Rebecca Kase, LCSW, is an EMDR consultant and trainer. She owns Kase & CO Training and Consulting and is the author of Polyvagal informed EMDR: A neuro-informed approach to healing (2023). She is a trained yoga instructor and an internationally known trauma expert. Kase facilitates EMDR trainings and advanced clinical trainings for psychotherapists. She is a keynote speaker and voice of inspiration, teaching others how to befriend their nervous system and how to be humble and brave.


Session S3: Embodiment Practices and EMDR Therapy

Presented by Rebecca Kase, LCSW in Intermediate at 11:00 AM on Saturday, April 20th.

Discover the power of embodiment practices in this immersive workshop designed to enhance your therapeutic techniques and personal growth. Embodiment practices encompass a range of techniques that focus on the mind-body connection through self-awareness, mindfulness, and body-based approaches. Learn how to create synchronicity between the mind and body for healing, emotional wellness, and peace of…